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5 Ways to Beat an Etsy Sales Slump

Although having slower sales than usual can feel helpless, it's a completely normal (and treatable) rut to go through as a business owner! Follow the steps below to kickstart your sales and get back to feeling great about your business.

1. Update your SEO

If you're going to only do one thing from this article, I urge you to do this! Updating your SEO is the most important step to take when you notice your shop traffic and your sales have decreased. Check each and every one of your listings to make sure that your titles are up to date with current seasons, trends, holidays, and buzzwords. For example, if Father's Day is over then you're going to want to replace all of those "Father's Day" keywords with similar keywords such as "Gift for Dad", or "Grandpa Gift".

Even if there haven't been any holidays or season changes, it's still important to review your listings' SEO every 3-4 weeks and update a few keywords - the thesaurus is your best friend! Updating your keywords "refreshes" your listings in the Etsy search system and can help get your listings more easily found. Remaining active on Etsy can help you when you're looking to make consistent, cold sales.

Don't get left behind in the search system by continuing to use keywords that are no longer being searched on Etsy!

2. Get more active on social media

When you're not making consistent sales, it can feel really difficult to muster up another social media post. You have to push through those feelings and remain extremely consistent on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Continuing to share your work through these platforms is a great way to remain seen by potential customers, show your current followers more of your work, and show yourself how great you are at your job.

If you're really having trouble with this one, I urge you to use planning apps such as Hootsuite, or Planoly. These apps both offer free plans, and can help you manage your time better so that you can focus on doing what you love - creating!

These stats from Hootsuite show you just how important instagram is for business:

- 1 billion + people use Instagram every month

- Users spend an average of 30 minutes on Instagram every day