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Empower your small business with tailored marketing solutions designed to elevate your brand presence and drive growth. Our comprehensive suite of marketing services is crafted to suit the unique needs of small businesses, offering expert strategies in digital marketing, social media management, SEO optimization, content creation, and more. Partner with us to unlock your business's full potential and establish a compelling online presence that resonates with your target audience. Let us be your strategic ally in navigating the digital landscape and achieving sustainable success in today's competitive market.








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'Etsy & Beyond':
The Ultimate Sellers Guide to Sales and Success.

This 5-week Etsy course is the culmination of almost a decade working in the Etsy business. It's packed with over 50 sections of detailed information, as well as over 50 worksheets, social media templates, and printables to use throughout the course! From everything you need to know about Etsy, marketing, branding, social media, pricing, and more, no subject goes untouched. Once purchased, your access never expires, and you'll also continue to receive any new goodies that are added to the plan in the future!

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Carla, 2 Month Consult

Bella has been incredibly helpful in giving me and my sister tips on how to improve our shop! What many of us don't realize when embarking on such an endeavor is that having an Etsy shop or any kind of e-commerce business is way more than making the item, posting and hoping for the best. Bella has introduced us to may insightful ways to grow our knowledge and our business. We purchased the two months consulting and it has been well worth it! Thank you Bella!

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Elizabeth, SEO Re-Work

I couldn't have been happier with Bella's service! She went in and took what we already had and made it next level. Honestly, I was super hesitant at first but once she started working on my shop, it was almost an instant difference. I am so excited to continue the relationship as she helps me on our IG. Money WELL spent!

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Randi, IG Management

Bella went above and beyond to work with me on my Instagram and Etsy Shop. She helped me get organized and structured, and gave me helpful suggestions that i can still implement into my jewelry business. She also answered questions after our consulting was over. We started working together at the moment the pandemic hit here in the USA, and Bella stayed very calm and present with the project. I highly recommend Bella Consulting Studio. Thanks again from Norton Jewelry

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