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  • The Ultimate Etsy Seller's Guide

    Etsy Masterclass

    The Ultimate Etsy Seller's Guide
    • Over 50 informational sections
    • Over 50 printables, worksheets, & templates
    • Unlimited & immediate access
    • Completely self-paced
    • Updated quarterly with new information and printables
    • One time purchase
  • Listing SEO Course

    This course will give you access to Week 1 in Etsy & Beyond
    • Listings Made Easy: Titles, Tags, Descriptions, & Attributes
    • Renewing Listings, Shipping, & Shop Sections
    • SEO Overview
    • Long-Tail Keywords
    • Third Party Sites: GetVela, Marmalead, & eRank
    • Etsy Stats Overview
    • How Stats Help You Make Sales
  • Branding Course

    This course will give you access to Week 2 in Etsy & Beyond
    • Photography: Flat Lays and Shot Styles
    • Photography Checklist
    • Branding for Beginners​​
    • Building your aesthetic
    • It's All In The Details: Header photo & Shop icon​
    • Pricing For A Profit: Tracking your ROI
    • Running Sales
    • Ongoing Special Offers
  • Social Media Course

    This course will give you access to Week 3 in Etsy & Beyond
    • Instagram Overview & How-To
    • Instagram Business Guide
    • Hashtags & Reaching The Right People
    • Pinterest: Pins, Boards & the Basics
    • Blogging: How to Sell Through Your Blog
    • Facebook
    • Planning Ahead on Social Media
    • Editorial Calendars & Scheduled Posts
    • Social Media Checklist
  • Advertising Course

    This course will give you access to Week 4 in Etsy & Beyond
    • Determining Your Target Market
    • Using Statistics & Why It's Important
    • Advertisements Overview
    • Creating a Budget
    • Etsy Ads
    • Off-Site Ads
    • Alternative Advertising Options
    • Instagram Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Pinterest Ads
  • Marketing Course

    This course will give you access to Week 5 in Etsy & Beyond
    • Creating an Experience
    • Shopping Options & Shipping Details
    • Etsy Plus
    • Email Marketing: Growing Your Mailing List
    • The What, When, and Why of Email Marketing
    • The Skeleton of a Marketing Email
    • Remaining Trustworthy
    • Holiday Marketing
    • Marketing Checklist
    • Giveaways
    • Common Etsy Mistakes


What's an Etsy course?

Our Etsy courses are meticulously designed to provide Etsy sellers with support and guidance. Each course touches on different specific  sets of information to maximize efficacy.

What do they include?

Each course is divided into three separate sections in order to keep things calm, cool, and organized. Each section concludes with a to-do, downloadable printables and worksheets to keep you organized!

Does my access ever expire?

Not only will your access to these courses never expire, but these classes are also updated quarterly with new information, printables, and worksheets! They're the classes that keep on giving.

Who can benefits from the courses?

Every level of seller experience can benefit from these courses. My main goal in the creation of these courses was to make the information easy to understand, fun to implement, and provide my own unique insight after working in the Etsy business for just about a decade!

How do I access the course?

To access the course:

1. Log in to

2. Click your profile on the top right corner

3. Click "Etsy Masterclass"

4. From here you'll have access to your course or specific sections purchased


If you wait until you feel ready, you'll never start! Working one on one with a consultant can provide you with the knowledge, confidence, and second pair of eyes that can help your business excel.

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 3.50.25 PM.png

Deanna, Re-Work/IG

I hired Bella back in October for her 2-month Etsy Rework plan. Her reports were always so detailed and packed with information. She reworked all my existing listings and my sales skyrocketed. After my two months was up, I signed on for her 1 month Instagram takeover which officially ended on the 1st of February... realized I wasn’t ready to lose this amazing business woman and her skills so I signed on for another month!

Her customer service is above and beyond and it’s completely genuine. I can’t recommend Bella enough, she literally changed my business and I’m forever grateful. I look forward to continue working with her in the coming months. THANK YOU BELLA

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 3.53.30 PM.png

Steve, Shop Set Up

Bella has been a pleasure to work with. Now I understand why I wasn't getting the results from my Etsy shop that I expected. After a month of working together I'd totally recommend her consult for anyone looking to improve traffic and orders. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next month brings.

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 3.54.47 PM.png

Stacy, 2 Month Gold

Bella was AMAZING to work with. I first took advantage of her Free Etsy Shop Assessment. I loved all her comments and recommendations so I hired her immediately and purchased her 2 month weekly reports. She was very thorough and each week provided a ton of suggestions and ideas pertaining to my shop. I took her advise seriously and did my homework to improve my store. And because I have over 100 items in my shop, the work seems overwhelming, so I then and hired Bella to do a Etsy Listing re-work. Again, I was not disappointed with Bella's Magic. She put in a ton of hours rewrite my titles, descriptions, formatted the paragraphs, updated and added tags, etc.. It was worth every penny I spent. What I loved the most is her communication with her clients. She kept me up to date on everything she was working on. I will keep coming back to her and recommend her to all my friends who sell on Etsy.

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