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Special Offers You Should Be Using On Etsy Right Now

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Using sales and coupons on Etsy is a sure way to attract more customers to your shop. These two campaigns are the best place to start!

1. The "Abandoned Cart" Targeted Offer

The abandoned cart promotion is a coupon that's automatically sent out to shoppers who add one of your listings to their cart, and leave it there without fully checking out. Once the coupon is triggered, the shopper will receive an e-mail directly from Etsy, letting them know that you're offering them a deal. It also shows the shopper other similar listings from your shop, right in the same email!

2. The "Recently Favorited" Targeted Offer

The recently favorited promotion is similar to the Abandoned Cart coupon, in that it's automatically sent out without you having to do anything. The recently favorited offer is pretty self explanatory - it's sent out every time someone favorites a particular item in your shop!


Here are the three deals you can offer for both the 'Abandoned Cart' and 'Recently Favorited' promotions:

  1. Percent off (10%, 20%, etc.)

  2. Fixed amount off ($5.00, $10.00, etc.)

  3. Free standard shipping


So how do you set up these coupons or a sale?

1. Log into your Etsy shop

2. Click "Shop Manager"

3. Click "Marketing" on the left hand side of the screen

4. Click "Sales and Coupons"

5. On the top right corner, click "New Special Offer"

6. From here, you can choose between running a sale, creating a coupon, or sending an offer to interested shoppers. Click "Set Up Offer"

7. Choose between "Abandoned Cart", or "Recently Favorited" - I recommend using both!

It's important to note that Etsy shoppers have to agree to promotional e-mails in order to receive these two types of promotions. If the shopper hasn't explicitly agreed to receiving these e-mails, they will not get your offer regardless of whether or not you have the targets offers set up on your site.

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