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5 Ways to Prep Your Shop for The New Year

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

So the holidays are over, how do you avoid getting dragged down by that post-holiday lull?

1. Consider Rebranding

It's time to assess the past year, run the numbers, and consider if you want to continue going in the same direction as the new year begins. Re-branding doesn't necessarily mean starting from scratch, re-branding can be the adjustment of very small details, that ultimately will make a big difference. Some examples of this are:

- Create a new logo: The logo is the first thing a customer notices about you and your shop. Having a clear, approachable, and trendy logo is going to paint your whole shop in a new light. Make sure your logo still matches the style you're going for, is up-to-date, and shows some style and personality!

- Update your color scheme: My color scheme is beige, black and a variety of shades of pink. While I love my color scheme now, it may not fit in to my style in a year or two - and that's okay! I'm always looking at my website and instagram from the customer's eyes, and making sure that what I'm putting out there is still representative of who I am, and what I want my customers to see.

- Update your listings photos: Listing photos make a huge difference in how a shopper views your shop, and those photos can really effect your sales. I know it's tedious, but the new year is the perfect time to update your listing photos and make sure they're exactly the style that you'd like to portray. Check out my blog on Flat-lays to get some quick and easy ideas!

2. Offer returning customer coupons in December

One way to try to prevent a big post-holiday sales drop is to offer an incentive for a customer to come back, even after the gift-giving season has come to an end. The best way to do this, of course, is through coupons! And don't be shy about it, either. Tell your Etsy shoppers through the "Announcements" section and your listing descriptions that every customer who places an order between the dates of your choice will receive a special coupon for their next order!

3. Consider a social media management plan

Instagram may not be in the forefront of your brain regarding your Etsy shop, but it should be. Having a strong, clear, and trackable social media plan will keep your shop on track and in the eyes of millions of social media shoppers. I offer both 6 and 12 month marketing plans that lay out everything you need to be doing, every single day on social media! It includes a 30-40 page powerpoint presentation thats customized to fit your specific goals, social media templates, and 2 different sets of calendars that will help you stay on trend with the content you're posting, as well as a clear and easy promotions schedule to raise engagement. The new year is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone, and make sure you have all of the information that you need to run a successful Etsy shop through your Instagram page.

4. Create a new line for your shop

Are you known on Etsy exclusively for one thing? Perhaps there's a complimentary item that you offer that will increase your chances of being seen on Etsy, and widen your target demographic. Do you only offer polymer clay earrings? Consider offering keychains and pins. Are you used to offering only planner stickers? Try creating some planner clips, also. It's little changes like this that, in the long run, will bring in more revenue and ultimately help you expand your business! It's also a great way to expand your talents and explore different techniques.

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