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Flat Lays for beginners

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Using flat lays to photograph your products can be a great way to stand out and attract new visitors to your Etsy shop. Check out the tips below to learn some fun tips and tricks!

1. Stick to a solid background to make your listing pop

Your flay lay background doesn't have to be white, depending on what your product is! If you sell more muted, earth-toned earrings, a complimentary color may be more appropriate. However, if you're photographing a busier product like a tote bag with a unique design, a white background is a great way to make your listing pop and really show off your work. You can also have fun with color-block backgrounds. Color blocking is when you split the background in half and use two complimentary colors that add a unique style to your photography. Split them horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or whichever way you think works best with that particular listing! When taking photos, it's important to imagine your Etsy home page from the viewers perspective. All of the photos should have a similar or complimentary touch to them, so that your Etsy store front is cohesive and professional.

2. Use appropriate photo props

Using props that match or compliment your listings is what will make or break your flat lay. Don't feel obligated to buy expensive accessories, you can find cheap artificial flowers at Michaels that will match your listings and be super easy to work with! You also don't have to go crazy by packing your flay lay with as many accessories as possible, sometimes simplicity is key.

3. Flay lay photo prop ideas:

- Flowers - Mirrors

- Gemstones - Glitter

- Clothing/Bags - Food/Desserts

- Makeup - Jewelry

- Scissors - Buttons

- Sewing materials - Craft materials

- Yarn - Magazines

- Various Holiday props

4. Use daylight

Using natural light when you take your photos is going to be the easiest way to make them look professional, without the purchase of a light-box. Set up shop either outside or right next to a window where the light is even, and start having fun taking some awesome flay lay photos! Try to make note of when the lighting is perfect in your particular photo area, that way whenever you have to take a new round of photos, they'll all look similar. Depending on which mood you want (moody, bright, whimsical, etc), certain times of day will definitely work better than others!

Now go have fun and make your Etsy photography look beautiful!

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