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Using Instagram to Be Successful on Etsy

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Dedicating 100% of your energy into your Etsy shop is great - but is it enough? Using a third-party platform like instagram can increase traffic, sales, and returning customer statistics.

1. Share who you are

Etsy isn't the easiest place to show your personality. Other than your header photo and shop icon, you only have a tiny "About" section to tell your customers more about the maker behind the listings - and who reads those anyway? Use instagram to get personal, share your journey, and connect with customers. Once the connection is there, shoppers are more likely to make a purchase. Why? Because they feel like they're investing in you, not just your listings.

2. Get stylish

Etsy is saturated with every type of product that there is - jewelry, tumblers, clothing, art. It's the unfortunate truth. Getting stylish with your photos and having a vision about who you and your brand are will help you stand out above the rest! You don't have to only take photos in your workspace at home. Going hiking? Bring your listings with you and snap some really unique photos. Spending the day at the beach? Bring the tools needed for a flat-lay and use the natural scenery! Thinking outside the box is what will "wow" your followers and set you apart.

3. Advertise sales

Advertising sales on Etsy is a great way to really get the word out there about your promotions, especially if you don't have a mailing list just yet (I'll get to that below!). Use graphic design apps like Over and Canva to create promotional photos and videos - then post away! Get your followers excited and make them want to check in to see what you're up to next.

4. Develop a mailing list

It can be hard to develop a mailing list, and Etsy doesn't offer an easy way to start one. Use your instagram page to promote your mailing list and show your followers what they'll gain from joining. Offer incentives like exclusive discounts and freebies, and maybe even early access to your newest listings! If you think at some point in the future you'll want to open up your own site outside of Etsy, having a mailing list is a really important first step as well.

5. Stay active

Opening an instagram account isn't enough - you need to be sure to post at least once per day, and remain active in terms of responding to comments, following other accounts, and even commenting on other account's posts. Developing relationships over social media can help you learn new business tricks, gain new customers, and gain new friends!

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