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5 Common Mistakes First Time Etsy Shop Owners Make

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

It's easy to get overwhelmed with your first Etsy shop - don't make these common mistakes.

So you want to start an Etsy what?!

Being a first time shop owner can be scary, don't fall into these common traps:

1. Don't pay for advertising until you've perfected your SEO

Paying for advertising without perfecting your SEO is like putting a bandaid on a cut without cleaning it. You need to spend time doing research on the kinds of listings you offer, your target demographic, and current trends to curate the perfect, titles, tags, and descriptions! Once you feel confident that your SEO is in a great place, then you can turn to Etsy ads for a boost here and there.

2. Don't skip out on social media

Using Instagram and Facebook to market your shop may feel somewhat monotonous, but it's important. For all intents and purposes, it's FREE advertising! You can (and should) post about your new listings, post about works in progress, and utilize hashtags to reach a wide range of people that may be interested in a product like yours. Using scheduling apps like Hootsuite is a great way to stay ahead of the game, and break out of the monotony of having to come up with new content every day.

3. Don't change your vision just because something doesn't work right away

It can be so easy to see the latest trend and want to jump on the bandwagon. If you opened your shop to sell jewelry because that's what you love, then don't start selling tumblers just because you see a shop that's making a lot of sales doing so. The shops that are the most successful are the shops that do what they love - because that's what they're the best at!

4. Don't get discouraged

Etsy can be hard. It's not a quick way to make thousands of dollars every month, and if you treat it like a hobby, you'll make hobby money. With that being said, it IS possible to be successful. Stay focused, continue creating, and continue working on your SEO. Don't give up. You never know how close you are to breaking through and becoming the next viral shop!

5. Don't start small

It's easy to design one beautiful listing and want to post it right away - but don't fall into the trap! You want to have at least 10 listings ready to go before you get your shop up and running. Having more listings is going to benefit you in so many ways. It will make your shop look more reputable and trustworthy, increase the chances that your listings will be found in the search system, and give shoppers a variety of listings to choose from!

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