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4 Essential Ways to Prep Your Etsy Shop for the Holidays

Getting your Etsy shop ready for the holiday season is so important for a variety of reasons: increased competition, setting yourself apart, meeting customer's needs, and staying on-trend and relevant. It's also a fun way to get in the holiday spirit and market yourself as a go-to gift shop! Keep reading to discover four essential ways to prep your shop for the holidays.

1. Adjust your branding:

This is really easy to do, and a fun way to get your customers in the holiday spirit. You want to focus on getting your shoppers to associate gift-giving with your products, and adjusting your branding (and even listing photos) is the easiest way to do so.

Think about when you walk into a mall during the holiday season – there are decorations EVERYWHERE, holiday music blasting, Santa is on display, and all of a sudden you remember that you have 5 people left to buy for and start looking for inspiration in store windows! You can do the same thing with your Etsy shop by transforming your shop and social media pages into a holiday wonderland. And not just for Christmas either – you should also be doing this for other major gift giving holidays and seasons like halloween/fall, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

It doesn't have to just be your Etsy shop icon, either! Have fun adjusting your Etsy header photo, and post holiday-related photos to your social media pages as well.

2. Determine a focus:


Choose 5-7 specific products that you really want to push during the season. Hone in on these products, get them in tip-top shape on Etsy, and focus on telling the customer what they need to know. For example, does this listing make the perfect stocking stuffer? Is it the perfect addition to their co-worker gifts? Be sure to put this information not only in your Etsy listing description, but also market it accordingly on social media and in any advertisements that you publish for the season.