Creating and properly managing an instagram account can and WILL take your Etsy shop to the next level. Instagram is the place for you to express yourself, share more photos of your products than Etsy will allow, and most importantly, it's free advertising! The instagram management plan runs for one month, but contact me to discuss longer term management at a discounted rate.  



Once you sign up for your instagram management plan, I will reach out directly via email to get things started. We'll discuss aesthetics, promotions, and your long-term goals for your instagram page and Etsy shop. Although this partnership is less collaborative, you're free to reach out at any point throughout the month with questions, requests, or special photos that you'd like me to use for your page.



Posting consistently on social media is the best way to increase brand awareness, broaden your reach, and encourage potential customers to visit your page. 

  • I will pull photos directly from your Etsy shop to post to your instagram 1-2x per day. This will keep you relevant and in front of potential customers. If you have other photos that you'd like me to post, you're free to share them with me as well.

  • I will curate a variety of hashtag lists that I will use throughout the month. This will expand your posts' reach and get them in front of your target audience.l

  • I will coordinate a clean, professional looking page

  • I can also post other non-product posts, to diversify your feed. I generally do this on a 2-1-2-1 grid, posting two listing photos, and then one non-listing photo.


Engaging with other accounts is key when trying to increase following and engagement on your page. 

  • I'll follow similar accounts as well as accounts that I see as potential clients

  • I'll comment on 5-10 other instagram photos per day, which will increase engagement and following

  • Engage with potential clients​ 

I also offer longer term plans at a discounted rate. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss a custom plan.


Not sure which consult is right for you?

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Looking for more collaborative support?

My two-month gold includes 50 SEO edits as well as two months of collaboration!