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I understand that change isn't always easy. Since 2015, I have been helping small businesses on Etsy, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and BigCommerce, and have worked with thousands of shop owners to reach their goals!


In 2017 I quit my 9-5 job to pursue my consulting business full time - it's been an amazing and rewarding experience! Each time I sign on with a new partner I'm reminded of the excitement of building something for yourself, and it propels me to work even harder to help you reach your goals. 


Each consultation package includes 4 personalized reports, sent once per week over the span of a one month period. These reports touch on re-branding, business ideas, social media profiles, surveying the competition in your space, creating new logos, campaigns, and promotional services for your business. I take a deep dive into every aspect of your business to see what you can adjust to become more successful. I am also happy to adjust what my consulting service does and does not include, to fit each shops specific needs! Let me do the nitty gritty work for you, so you can focus on creating your unique, one of a kind products.

In addition to your four reports I am always available throughout your consultation to answer questions, bounce ideas off of each other, and be a stable force to help drive your business to the top. Even better, your consultation begins the day you sign up, and your first report is sent to you within one week!

Not sure which plan is right for you? Let's chat!


Am I ready for a consultation?


You've been feeling an itch to take your business to new heights and try new techniques in order to become successful


You're prepared to dedicate your time and energy into making your business work. You're open to constructive criticism and making changes where necessary


You're ready to have fun and learn!


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two month gold consult

The best of both worlds! 2 months of consulting, and a 50 listing SEO re-work

IG management

Get more followers, reach more accounts, and perfect your aesthetic

SEO rework

SEO is the most important aspect of your Etsy shop. Get your titles, tags, and descriptions fully updated to reach more customers


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